Suite Foods – All Natural Liege Waffles

Traditional Waffle
Suite Foods is proud to present a new line of all-natural Liege waffles (pronounced LEE-ezh). Popular in Belgium for centuries, Suite Foods is bringing this classic treat to you. No syrup or fork are needed thanks to the sweet, flavorful dough, which makes this European favorite the perfect hand-held snack for anytime, day or night.

Made from scratch and fermented with bakers’ yeast, all of our Liege waffles start with our characteristic sweet, flavorful dough and crunchy pearled sugar bits which make this treat second to none.

Traditional Belgian Liege waffle

Using an authentic Belgian Liege waffle recipe, the Traditional Liege waffle is lightly caramelized on the outside with a slight crunch from the pearl sugar inside, making this flavor an all-time classic.

Chocolate Waffle
Chocolate Belgian Liege waffle

We start with our Traditional Liege waffle and then drizzle dark Belgiam chocolate on top, for a deliciously decadent treat.