Go-to-Market Strategy


At BayWest Marketing, we work to increase your overall sales in the food industry through targeted planning, execution of marketing campaigns/sales presentations, and timely reporting via our shared CRM and communication tools. 

Our Go-To-Market Strategy:


  • We strive to understand your business! Knowing your capabilities and key strengths is key to a successful partnership 
  • Gather intel on market conditions and competitive forces. Identify opportunities within various segments of the foodservice industry
  • Provide distribution and operator targets based on market knowledge, industry relationships, and your goals for you company


  • Develop marketing campaigns to inform customers about your value proposition while creating demand from chefs to purchasing managers. 
  • Schedule sales presentations with key decision makers, understanding that follow-up is key. We work alongside distributors’ sales forces to ensure closure to the sale. 
  • We represent your company in distributor sales meetings, vendor fairs, and trade shows, allowing us grow our network while educating the operators and arming sales teams, the tools to sell your product

Communication & Support

  • We give access to our shared CRM – 24/7, offering full transparency of our activity in reaching our targeted goals. 
  • Schedule regular meetings with all manufacturers, ensuring that we stay current with our shared targets and communicating market conditions and opportunities. 

John is an exemplary broker who cares about his product lines as if he personally owned them. He is a fine, detailed and persistent salesperson and he works every facet of the business to ensure that the companies he represents get support and results through the distributors that deliver these foods to the stores and restaurants who sell them to the end consumer. John is also a pleasure to partner with. John Loshuertos has my highest recommendation” – LinkedIn Recommendation