Foodservice Channels and Segments

Restaurants and Chain accounts

  • Seek conversion opportunities and conduct product cuttings
  • Offer new menu ideas and multiple applications; conduct waitstaff training
  • Solidify relationships through contracted pricing and frequent communication
  • Participation in Restaurant network association and events, including food shows

In-store Deli and Bakery

  • Hold meetings with chefs, buyers and category managers
  • Seek conversion opportunities and conduct product cuttings

Caterers and GPO’s

  •  Analyze menus for opportunities and offer suggestions for time-saving, cost-saving alternatives
  • Utilize experience with Bon Appetit, Guckenheimer, Sodexo, etc to get product on Managed Order Guide (MOG); Relationships with key influencer chefs to champion product

College and University

  • Full comprehension of campus operations from student dining and C-store to catering and concessions; we have relationships with the Director on down
  • Understanding of dietary needs and restrictions
  • Schedule presentations based on academic calendar and review on regular basis

Casinos and Recreation

  • Offers unlimited opportunities throughout the year within a wide range of operators
  • Ability to react to seasonal and/or economic fluctuations 

Healthcare and Mass Feeders

  • Direct contact with key decision makers within the various segments: patient feeding, cafeteria, catering, C-store, etc
  • Keen knowledge of dietician’s requirements for patient feeding
  • Seek conversion opportunities and conduct product cuttings 


  • Work with local hotel chains F&B Directors and chefs, offering products and menu ideas for restaurants, catering, and kiosks
  • Support national chain specs by ensuring compliance and/or local availability

K-12 schools

  • Identify large bid opportunities and keep informed on all CN requirements
  • Present solutions using products that save time, labor, and expenses
  • Foster relationships at NorCal USDs; Participation in CSNA 

Vending and Micro-Markets

  • Servicing manufacturers with single-serve, grab’n’go products, without a vending broker
  • Covering all of California, including all independent and corporate-run OPCO’s
  •  Experience with broad line, grocery and vending distribution servicing these accounts