Group Purchasing Organizations

Penetrating the Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs)

Getting your products on to menus at corporate campuses, healthcare groups, or hotel chains to name a few, can offer a huge boost to your sales portfolio.  As a whole, GPO’s compromise 20% of the Foodservice industry sales! GPO’s leverage their purchasing power by approving certain products (Spec) for all client locations to buy. Most GPO’s require their chefs/buyers make 80% of their purchases from approved products that they list on their Managed Order Guide or MOG. 

Getting products on a MOG doesn’t guarantee all locations will use your products, but it does provide a huge advantage over non-approved items. Understanding the processes of selling to these organizations can be overwhelming as each has its own unique systems in place. 

In general, the process begins with creating an awareness of your product, followed by understanding and/or building a need, which in turn brings about demand. It is this demand by chefs and buyers that will help force products into distribution and onto a GPO’s Managed Order Guide. 

BayWest has invested countless hours to understanding the nuances and building relationships within many GPOs. Since inception, we have successfully placed items on MOGs for over a dozen manufacturers. Many of which went on to garner national distribution. Contact us today to find out how we can help your company enter the lucrative GPO market!

San Francisco Independent Food Broker

Bay Area food manufacturers and those looking for Northern California manufacturer representation, looking for an independent broker with years of experience in the foodservice segment, will find BayWest Marketing and ideal match. BayWest Marketing has been serving the San Francisco Bay Area for over ten years.

New Product Launch – Foodservice

If you are launching new products and want to be able to get your product to key representative in Northern California right away, let BayWest help you find the right accounts now.

Bay Area Food Service Manufacturers Rep

If you are a San Francisco Bay Area food service manufacturer looking for product representation BayWest Marketing is your solution provider.

Today food service manufacturers are looking for brokers with regional expertise and industry relationships. BayWest Marketing is an experienced Northern California manufacturers rep for food service manufacturers and national brands. With extensive contacts in the San Francisco Bay Area food service sales and distribution industry, BayWest Marketing can quickly present your brand to buyers already in the BayWest pipeline and bring your latest product launch to new customers.

Bay Area Food Service Manufacturers Looking for Representation

If you’re looking for representation, and especially manufacturers with food service manufacturing in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact BayWest and let’s get selling.

San Francisco Food Broker

We are committed to growing our manufacturer’s business through our product knowledge, targeted planning, & the value we bring to the operator. If you are a San Francisco Bay area food manufacturer looking for a foodservice broker to represent your product line contact BayWest Marketing.

San Francisco Bay Area Food Distribution

BayWest Marketing works with distributors throughout Northern California & the San Francisco Bay Area, and works to see that new product lines are presented in a professional thorough way. In presenting new lines BayWest Marketing works closely with local food manufacturers, bringing new large leverage opportunities & staying focused on seeing through the execution of a new product launch or brand conversion.

Cheese, dairy, yogurt

BayWest Marketing has over 8 years of manufactuer represention with Dairy & Cheese companies such as Polly-O/Churney, BCUSA/Smithfield, Morningstar/Dean Foods, & Great Lakes Cheese Co., Inc. in Northern California. With sufficiency & tactical marketing, BayWest Marketing has proven results in converting large leverage end-users through major broadline distributors in the cheese & yogurt categories.

Sustainabilty & cost

BayWest Marketing focuses on local & sustainable companies in the SF Bay Area. Many operators want that, but are they willing to pay? There is a huge raw materials & labor cost difference between company’s producing in small batches (sometimes by hand) & large mega-mfg’s who buy materials based on price (not labor practices or quality).
Supporting local businesses really is the backbone of the american economy!

Bay Area Food Brokers

If you’re looking for food brokers in the San Francisco Bay area, it’s good you’ve found Bay West Marketing. Bay West Marketing provides bay area food manufacturers a brokerage service for food products. If you want to grow your business in the San Francisco Bay area, and you want to be represented by a food broker with contacts in the foodservice market, contact BayWest Marketing today.

Grow your Business in the Bay Area

We work to grow your business. BayWest Marketing can handle new product launch for all types of food products and have years of experience in the Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area market as food brokers.

Cookies, scones, brownies, bars, & more

BayWest Marketing represents Dough To Go (Santa Clara, CA) which manufactures portioned cookie dough pucks, fully-baked frozen cookies, fully baked & raw scones, thaw & serve brownies & shortbread bars, cinnamon rolls, & holiday cut butter cookies. Unlike other manufactueres, Dough To Go makes their cookies without the use of extruders, thus leaving more air pockets in the dough, allowing the finsihed product to stay fresh longer. All of Dough To Go’s products are all-natural & Kosher dairy.

Soups, salads, entree, & wraps

BayWest Marketing represents Marsha’s Marvelous Soup Co. (South SF, CA) which manufactures fresh, all-natural (no preservatives) soups, salads, entree’s & wraps, with many vegan & vegetarian options. All of Marsha’s products are made-to-order, so you know you are recieving the freshest product possible. Our refrigerated soups are prepared using a cook-chill method and have a 40-day shelf life from date of manufacture. Most of our salads, entrees, & wraps have a 10-day shelf life, & some entree’s can be frozen for future use. Marsha’s Marvelous is the Bay Area’s favorite supplier for vegan & vegetarian soups, salads, entree’s, & wraps amongst chefs & buyers alike.